Time instruments of His Royal Highness

He who lives in an environment characterized by traditions will notice that the search for the perfect design frequently takes its beginning in the past.Unfortunately attention to the smallest details is often neglected today.

I proudly present you a unique culture and time experience! This will excite all the collectors and enthusiasts of high-quality watches.Each of my timepieces is a high-end product through the selected materials, personal engravings and refinements.

At the beginning of our walk through history I would like to invite you to a journey through beautiful Bavaria. The rich history of Bavaria has followed only one principle - independence.

In this spirit I wish that you will enjoy the following lecture.

New Special Edition

18th march 2016 The mechanical timeinstruments present a new Special Edition with moon phase before Baselworld 2016.

Deep insight

7th of July 2015 New Photos of movements provide a deep insight into the fine mechanics of time instruments of His Royal Highness Prince Wolfgang of Bavaria.

Automatic Wristwatches from Germany

19th of February 2014 A very nice article about the timepieces of His Royal Highness Prince Wolfgang of Bavaria has been published in the book "Automatic Wristwatches from Germany".

The watch book of mechanic time-instruments

Order the exclusiv watch book of mechanic time-instruments including a lot of information and backgrounds on this extraordinary chronometers

The fee for the watch book is 49 €.